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Okay, here's my take.

Republicans, here's your canidate:  John McCain.

Democrats, we got more work to do.  Obama's rougly 100 deligates under Clintion.  It looks like there'll be a fight to the death here.
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With Edwards out, it's a two person race for the Democratic nomination.  Obama and Hillary.

You know I'm solidly anti-Hillary.  The gut says she isn't the right woman for the job (even though I believe the country's ripe for a black and/or woman as president).  She also has Pres Bill Clinton as a husband, who can't seem to shut up and take a back seat anymore -- which is drowning her out.  She's been caught lying on the campaign trail, from latest reports highlighted on Digg.  And her record is mainly pushing pork-barrel projects.

Which means Obama is the default choice.  But is it the right one?

I think yes.  He's building up a platform of vastly open government via open standards, tapping Lawrence Lessig (founder of the Creative Commons).  He also pushed through legislature in his state to video-tape police interrogations (which I believe is a good idea and is being pushed here in Maryland).

XKCD's author Randall Munroe wrote about it, and declared his support.  Wil Wheaton also is supporting him.  Bill Gates and Steve Jobs also are endorsing him.  Craigslist founder Craig Newmark is also in the Obama camp. 

I really think Obama's the right choice.  I hope he gets the nomination.


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