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This is probably my third entry here about... General Protection Fault.  Of course, the webcomic is now independent of Keenspot... and before that had gone into a parody of Harry Potter.

And I immediately stopped reading until he got out of it.   Jeff had caught me before, and released me.  Then caught me again, and released me...

...and now, in the flashback mode, the hook is just dangling out there without any bait.  The comic had gone back to it's roots, and settled down into being mediocre.  In essence, it caught the Garfield Syndrome, and there's no way out of it.

And with my memory, I now can't focus down into a storyline and ignore the rest.  The comic has averaged out.  I don't feel like checking it any more.

I may be pruning my comics list.  I have doubts about how Nukees is going... if it's going anywhere. 
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I had sworn off GPF.  It slowly started to be a spoof of Sliders... but in this case, time helps in one reguard and tickles in another.

Keenspot has a cycling newsbox.  It changes every day, of course, but it is scheduled by each artist.  At one time, a GPF ad came up in there... and the seed was planted.

Today, I sucumbed and took a look at GPF, and decided to skip through each "Chapter" until a reasonable amount of buildup had come.  I started at when Alternate Trudy started to explain to the Main cast about things... and continued forward.  (KS Premium's worth it, folks, for catching up)  And it hooked me again.

There are comics which don't hook me (Superosity); those which loose me and only get checked on a blue moon (Penny Arcade, Furry!, Star Bored) due to ether the strip's nature or factors outside their control; and those who loose me because they decide to become nonfree (Odd Jobs).  And now, GPF has hooked me again.  It's rolled a saving throw, and it's looking good.
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For everyone who is celebrating your local near-year-end holidays, may your event be joyus and festive, yet somber and reverent. Folks have lost alot this year -- Others have gained respectfully, and more have found others to be with. Let us not forget those who have left our worlds, our realms; but let us celbrate their life. Be careful and be safe.

About GPF... )


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