Oct. 12th, 2007 06:58 pm
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So Linden Labs is looking at megaprims (prims over 10m on an axis) and what could be done.

Without going into the problems, I'd present my solution:

  • Expand the client size limit to 32 m.
  • Force any over 16m to be non-physical.
  • Ban and remove any that are 128 m or over.
  • Ban any user that has a 256m or over for breaking the sim and client.
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Former Ramones drummer Richard Reinhardt today filed suit in US federal court in Manhattan claiming that his music publisher never had the right to "authorize distribution or duplication of six songs he wrote between 1983 and 1987" which were subsequently made available through iTunes,'s music store and Real Networks Real Store and Rhapsody services. [The Register]

Wait, wait... Reinhardt, you're suing the merchants for something your publisher did?  Who are you trying to be, Eminem?

Okay, that's two off the deep end.  I hope the judges in both cases tests both for drugs, alcohol, and orders a mental health evaluation of the two before throwing the case out, and yanking the licenses of the two lawyers who took up the cases.
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Today, I think I was glad to be out for two hours.

As you know, Mark Brown (now "consultant" to FEMA) got a grilling from Republican congressmen and two Democrats (the others didn't show up in protest it wasn't an independent review).  It all boiled down this:

Congressman:  What did you do in the situation of New Orleans...
Brown:   (Generic statement, lack of content, that dodges the question)
Congressman:  (cuts Brown off)  ANSWER THE STUPID QUESTION YOU DUMB FUCK!

Why they're retaining him for a reported four weeks for transitional purposes?  Kick him out and make sure he can't come back to DC for six months.

I'll keep all my Katrina/Rita/etc editorials here.  My webcomic's now going to be clean of that, with the exeption of one comic which will sum things up nicely.


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