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I got some feedback!  And I'm in a mindset to answer it.  Do note, I have shot .22 rifles before and was a young NRA member.

To summarize my suggestion:

  1. Scrap the entire mess and start over.

  2. Digitize all criminal, mental health, gun permit, sales, and ownership records.

  3. Classify all weapons.

  4. Require weapon registration.

  5. Starting at a set date, require gun buyers to have gun operation training.

  6. Also at the set date, require gun shops to require a reason for the purchase, and to immedately background check.

  7. At set intervals from purchase, require certified gun clubs to hold "clean and test" certifications.

  8. Regularly revisit and reset purchase limits.

  9. Arrested?  Suspended.  Convicted? Revoked and weapons seised. Still convicted? Melted.

With that, here's some feedback and answers, which I'll try to condense and keep brief:

  1. You want to scrap the 2nd Amendment as well?!? Actually, when I wrote that, it was with the understanding that this admendment cannot be removed (it's actually very difficult to do it, but it can be done). So for now, the 2nd Amendment stands.  You do have the right to bear arms.  But the courts have said that this right can be limited.

  2. Digitizing is going to take a long time. Yes, but it has to be done. I don't expect it to be done overnight.  It just has to be done.

  3. The act of classifying things is going to get very political very fast. Very valid concern.  Plus there's too much of a range... but it has to be done.

  4. Who do we trust with the registration info if we can't trust the government? That's a very sticky question, because if you try to give it to a non-governmental agency, you have to involve regulation smilar to PCI (banking) and HIPPA (medical record) regulations -- and frankly put, I'm trying to avoid too much regulation.  Plus, you can't really make it all public, because it makes it easy for all the radical anti-gun advocates to harrass people.  It has to be privately held, with adjustments to the Freedom of Information Act to create a class of information that requires a court order even for the government to see it.  As I said, it's sticky.

  5. Who's going to set the standards of certification and training? That's the thing.  I said have the NRA do it because the NRA is supposedly a "subject matter expert." If the NRA has dropped their earlier efforts and have become a pure lobbying association, then they ether need to pick it back up again or the military will be pressed into certifcation and training... and that will only piss off the NRA more.  If the NRA was truly intelegent, they'll be involved on this from day one, no questions asked.  They can't act like Democrats and just throw money at it anymore. (You might say this is my evil plan to get them to publicly do something other than lobbying).

  6. Who or what will determine is a "valid" reason to purchase a gun?  Appealing the decision is going to be costly. That's the thing, and you know it's hard to get any set of guidelines or regulations right over time (see the revisit section). But the other side to that is there's not much oversight on setting things... except in the courts.  It's going to get litigated, and you have to allow for that.

  7. Where are the gun clubs?  There's not many as you may think. A valid point. Several services held by the government will be needed (although some already exist, like Hap Baker Gun Range held by Carrol County, MD officers).  Both the clubs and services will need expansion... which will be expensive (but I didn't say these ideas were cheap ether).

  8. NO NOT ARBITRARY LIMITS!!! That's the thing I want work around, because the anti-gun advocates will want limits.  However, if you haven't gotten the idea, is that I want an practical limit set organically, which will place the "arbitrary" limits very very high.  Six rifles and four pistols to me, to go out on a Saturday and spend a good day at the range, is a two weekend job (spreading them out, of course).  If you're dedicated, you're already out there most weekends practicing! Too many would be when you can't shoot all of them over the span of time (in terms of years).  If you will allow me one arbitrary limit, that span would be five years.  Five years to clean, oil, and shoot all the firearms you have.  If you're that dedicated, go for it.  But if you can't do them all over five years, you got too many.  But that's still a limit! Which is why I want to require revisiting them because things change with time!

  9. But we can agree on melting the guns after all the appeals are done.


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