Mar. 15th, 2006

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Aparently, gag comics about games are getting to be a dime a dozen.  I don't mean the Megaman/sprite comic clones.  These actually take the time to see what's happening in games and make it funny.  Unfortunately, for me, I'm not getting the jokes anymore.

I used to read Penny Arcade regularly -- until they declared in-comic they don't like furry characters (although they made them very good artisticly).  Looking back, I bet they're been washed up in the MTV/Vanity Fair/CSI misrepresentation.  I check every so often when I feel like it.

VG Cats I kicked out of my "quaranteen" (sp?) area of my bookmarks.  The area where I'm trying out new comics.  Currently Carpe Diem, Furry!, S*P: New Gold Dreams, Midnight Macabre, Applegeeks, and Mac Hall have their place.  Applegeeks seems to be going regularly, and may be moved up to the Twice Weekly folder.  The rest...

Carpe Diem had a strong start, but is suffering the same problem as Furry! has:  The author is willing but the artist is not there, updating regularly.  We can forgive it with Gaming Guardians and Dungeons and Denizens (both with rock solid artists behind them) but the others have a history of it.

S*P: NGD and Midnight Macabre are by the same guy as Something Positive, and he's been updating fairly regularly, even with news and reason.  I can't fault that.

Mac Hall... I think he's been in San Diego for the past month.

VG Cats used to be in here.  And I have to say, I'm not getting the humor anymore.  Some stuff I can relate to because I've had chances to play, but now... It's not there.  The funny is gone.  The Decline flash series on Newgrounds seems to sum up my feelings -- there's just so much crap out there that it's just not funny anymore.  Plus, the PSP seems to have gotten it right.  They fail to qualify, and are thus sent back home.


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