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I stumbled apon a furry webcomic discussion on the Keenspot forums.  It basically resolved that furry couldn't be a genre in it's own right (like sci-fi or fantasy or western), but just an artistic style.  In one post, however, there was a complaint about how Gene Catlow's archives had less navigation than the index template.

In a sence, I agree.  Gene could add a dropdown for each storyline and add the calendar to boot.  However, I also see that Gene's sticking to a 640-wide format... which presents some challenges on any further redesign.

I don't have access to Gene's stats, only mine for Stalag '99.  For this past month, Mozilla-based browsers (Mozilla Suite, Firefox) slightly edged ahead of IE.  Drilling down, however, only two-thirds of a percent of folks (including one I know) used Netscape 4.x.  One third of a percent used Opera.  About 3% use IE 5. Most everyone's using ether Mozilla/Firefox, IE 6 or 7.  The rest are monitors and search engines. (Hint!  I have an RSS feed!)  This means the majority (95%) is using a relatively modern browser, and doesn't have any table-tag problems.

If Gene's stats are similar to mine, it would mean adding a few more items wouldn't be much of a hit:
  • Put the dropdown and calendar to the right of the comic (using a table with BORDER="0" to format it properly).
  • Possibly put the Keenspot newsbox underneth the dropdown/calendar.
I could suggest more, but I feel that I shouldn't clutter it up.


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