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I finally get a chance to see these two films.  Thankfully, I could just ether buy a copy from iTunes or rip a DVD copy (ie, renting them from the Redbox, ripping 'em, and returning them because I would be hitting up against iTunes Movie Rental limits).

Hellboy was good, but not excelent.  It's a decent port, and could stand on it's own.

Hellboy 2 also was decent.  A good follow-up that also stood on it's own... but it also left a few problems for any possible sequels.  Most notibly is the pregnancy of twin demon/human hybrids -- which is the big spanner in the works.  How are they going to resolve that (plus the team' resignation from the BPRD) in suposedly three years time, and still make it stand alone?

Hellboy 3, if they make one, will have a high risk of flopping if it happens.
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Josh Whedon is the next JMS.

Why?  Serenity rocked.  I lost myself in it.  The plot is good, the visuals are seamless, and there's ACTUAL PHYSICS!  $DEITY damn actual physics!!! No cheezeball eyecandy that distracts from the movie.  It works and it gets out of the way of the plot.  Infact, it's like Batman Begins or even Babylon 5.  It's the dog wagging the tail.  The plot is throughly driving this puppy.

I'm too excited.  Listen, just see it.  Go full fare, and get yourself something from the concession stand.  Anything.  It's worth it. 

Why haven't you seen Serenity yet?!?!?
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Yesterday, I was dining at a McDonalds before a Linux Users Group meeting (note to self: install tb-sshdfilter) and I found myself wondering several things:  One, how well RedBox DVD is (I'm one of the rare few who's used the origional RedBox) and how bad H2G2 really is.

First, $1/day plus tax for DVD rentals, return at any participating McD's?  I'll try it.  You need a credit card to do it, of course, but they give you the option of emailing your receipt.  Eh, not too bad.

Second, H2G2.  Some folks don't like the movie, but I bet they haven't:
  • Read the books (all of them)
  • Read, or heard, the radio play
  • Saw the BBC 6-episode TV series
Now who's done all that?

(raises hands) Guilty as charged. 

Of course, Doug Adams (the author of H2G2 and it's series) wrote all of them and the movie's script.  If you've read all of the above, you'll know that Doug Adams rewrote H2G2 for each medium.  So you're watching the movie fully knowing it's going to be different and you're froody like that. 

The movie's variation matched everything all the way up to when Author and Ford are picked up by Zaphod and Trillian in the Heart of Gold.  Marvin looks much better than in the BBC series, I hate to admit, but he just does.  Zaphod could of used some work, but it elegantly works around the deficencies with it's own quikiness worthy of H2G2... and finishes with our heroes starting a trip to Milliways, having done six impossible things before lunch. 

Now, given I know H2G2's quirky history, I kinda liked this version.  I would say it's a worthy buy if you're qualified.  I know my brother-in-law and sister aren't.
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If you're waiting for my review of Serenity, you'll have to blame the post office for deliving my paycheck late.  I can't go until I'm able to cash it at my bank.

However, an... well, how can I describe Star Wreck: In the Prikinning?  I haven't come up with anything good:
  • Well, it is a parody of Star Trek and Babylon 5.  However, it's more like a parody of Star Trek meets a parody of Babylon 5 in SpaceBattles style. Unfortunately, it's not a very good parody, any way you take it.
  • The Trek side of the movie mixes the entire genre.  The parody Kirk (Pirk) is reduced to a Hitler-esque leader, having now taken over the world with technology.  Russian technology.  Expect the usual jokes and incompetence.  Instead of Spock, his right-hand man is a Data clone (Info) from the first season of ST:TNG, and the left-hand man a Worf clone (Dwarf) that's seems to have been plucked from a convention.  Oh, and there's this nagging overpopulation, and guess who's responsible for it all?  You probably guessed it.  Didn't Pirk learn anything from Evil Atom at the Intern Orientation of Evil, Inc?
  • The B5 side itself seems more sane, except the parody Sheradon is long winded, the parody Garibaldi is drunk half the time, and they didn't try the Great Machine of Epsilon 5!  Of course, they had to have a Bester clone there.  Zathras not aprove...
  • Of course, the movie ends up in a SpaceBattle-esqe form that you could write on the tip of your tongue, given the situation.  However, normal logic would not apply being a parody.  It ends in an eventual zero sum.
  • Technically (in the creation of the movie), it's very good, employing alot of bluescreening and computer graphics.  Of course, this is a sci-fi film in space.  You're going to need it.  It's quite an effort done on little-or-no budget.
Being that this one is distributed on the net, I have to modify my "Is it worth the cash to see it?" rating to "Is it worth the bandwidth to download it and see it?"  This is a rather full DVD, and with XviD it fits eazily on a CD.

To me, if you're bored enough and got time and bandwidth to waste, sure.  Go ahead and pull a copy.  While smoothly done, the plot could use alot of work.  I wasn't left with the "lost myself again" feeling.  I wasn't left with the udder dread sence of dissapointment, ether.  I was left with "meh" and alot of eye candy.  
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or, I'M AN HOUR LATE!!!!

Today, I headed early down to DC for a gathering of 'Spacers, DC Area comic artists, and other unlucky furs who couldn't go to Anthrocon. I didn't get the first B30 (BWI to Greenbelt) bus, but I cought the second one...

...and the SmartTrip card I still have still works (and so far from DC anyway). That was nice.

After taking the bus and two trains to get on someone's good side (no, momma's not fat, shut yo' mouth!) and noticing they added a new station in the DC Metrorail Red Line (wasn't this not supposed to be here?) I hooked up with several spacers, as well as T Cambell (we don't know his first full name) and Phil Khan (DO NOT EVOKE WILLIAM SHATNER AROUND THIS GUY). We waited for the furs from the Maryland Furs listserv to come... but noone came.

12 noon came, and we had some lunch before heading out to the Natural History Museum. 10 came, but 1 had to get home after lunch. We took Metro to the Smithsonian stop, and got in that way. Took a look around there for a while, to about 2:30 pm, visiting the insect exhibit, as slowly but surely more and more people wittled away. T had to go first, followed by Phil, and I think we left the Fallen Angels' duo behind somewhere in the dino exhibit.

Five of us then went to the Holocaust Museum, and took in the Eugenics exhibit. It is a fine example of when politics starts bumping uglys heavy with science, and it creates a monster...

(( Duplicate removed. Damn my double-clicking middle mouse button ))

You know, when I wrote this last night, I wrote up a little tirade relating to the Nazi Eugenics program. I'm going to spare that into a seperate post, as I'm not feeling comfortable with it being here.

Afterwards, we just make it in to see Fantastic Four at the AMC in Union Station. Without giving away spoilers, I will say that T was right: There's no resemblance of a plot. Worth going to see the special effects and graphics, but plot or storyline? Forget it. Matinee price. Save your money.

The rest of us split afterwards. I decided to screw the bus going back up and took a $14 hit to the pocket via Amtrak back to BWI. A good day.
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I took Dad out to see Batman: Begins -- the one in which the director emphasized more realism and minimal CGI. 

It just works.  Go see it, spend the money.  It's worth it.  Dad and I also think about redoing all the other movies to be more like this one.
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So, I finally get to see Star Wars, Episode 3...

...on a Tuesday...

...via the matinee ticket (which they pushed the price up).

The theater's empty save for me and whoever comes in the next twenty minutes from the 5:40pm showtime. It's a workday, however, so I expect I'll have the theater all to myself.

Things have changed... )

Ten before. Damn, another person joined. Thought I'd have this huge theater all by myself. Hopefully the other guy who just walked in will turn off his *!)@( cell phone before the movie starts.

Why timing? Origionally, I was to go in, spend two hours debugging hardware. It took longer. Twice as long. The old server wasn't taking well to the new drive that was shoved in, and I had to "monsterize" a setup. That ground to a halt when I found that the OS disks the client has aren't plain
"slap and forget" disks, but "upgrade" disks. ARGH! Plus, since I needed approval for most of everything, I couldn't do much of anything.

Which leads me down to here.

Three hours later... )


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