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or, I'M AN HOUR LATE!!!!

Today, I headed early down to DC for a gathering of 'Spacers, DC Area comic artists, and other unlucky furs who couldn't go to Anthrocon. I didn't get the first B30 (BWI to Greenbelt) bus, but I cought the second one...

...and the SmartTrip card I still have still works (and so far from DC anyway). That was nice.

After taking the bus and two trains to get on someone's good side (no, momma's not fat, shut yo' mouth!) and noticing they added a new station in the DC Metrorail Red Line (wasn't this not supposed to be here?) I hooked up with several spacers, as well as T Cambell (we don't know his first full name) and Phil Khan (DO NOT EVOKE WILLIAM SHATNER AROUND THIS GUY). We waited for the furs from the Maryland Furs listserv to come... but noone came.

12 noon came, and we had some lunch before heading out to the Natural History Museum. 10 came, but 1 had to get home after lunch. We took Metro to the Smithsonian stop, and got in that way. Took a look around there for a while, to about 2:30 pm, visiting the insect exhibit, as slowly but surely more and more people wittled away. T had to go first, followed by Phil, and I think we left the Fallen Angels' duo behind somewhere in the dino exhibit.

Five of us then went to the Holocaust Museum, and took in the Eugenics exhibit. It is a fine example of when politics starts bumping uglys heavy with science, and it creates a monster...

(( Duplicate removed. Damn my double-clicking middle mouse button ))

You know, when I wrote this last night, I wrote up a little tirade relating to the Nazi Eugenics program. I'm going to spare that into a seperate post, as I'm not feeling comfortable with it being here.

Afterwards, we just make it in to see Fantastic Four at the AMC in Union Station. Without giving away spoilers, I will say that T was right: There's no resemblance of a plot. Worth going to see the special effects and graphics, but plot or storyline? Forget it. Matinee price. Save your money.

The rest of us split afterwards. I decided to screw the bus going back up and took a $14 hit to the pocket via Amtrak back to BWI. A good day.


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