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As you know, Jack Thompson's been on a crusade against games... but Gawker Media's Kotaku was able to keep tabs on him and ask about the game "Mass Effect" via email.  I quote:
(Kotaku's) Brian: I'm surprised you haven't been looking into Mass Effect.
Jack: Why would you be surprised. I don't see any problem with it. The guy who shot his mouth off about it had no idea what the Hell he was talking about.
Brian: You mean you're OK with mass effect?
Jack: Of course. This contrived controversy is absolutely ridiculous.
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This is a bit shocking.  It shows that Jack's taking context into consideration.  Remember, he's against Grand Theft Auto, which is a general bad side of town stealin', pimpin', rapin', pushin' simulator... which should only be sold to those over the age of 35 (in my opinion).  Mass Effect is sci-fi/adventure, with limits on what your character can do -- or an actual game you know is a work of fiction.

You know, I can see Jack's reasoning now; I just don't approve of his methods.  I think the ESRB could use some reform -- like playing the damn games.
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The more hype I see with Super Smash Bros Brawl, the more I keep pondering... what if RedWolf found hirself there.

Standard Special:  4x Luger 45mm (one per hand, fired quickly a la Fox)
Up Special:  TailsChopper (recovery)
Down Special:  Mazer (power increases with patience -- DBZ anyone?)
Side Special:  Tails Whips
Smash attacks:  BIG ASS WOODEN MALLET, Biolatex Ball (binds opponent for a certian amount of time)
Final smash: Black Hole of Calcutta

To be fare, I'd stipulate that hir tails get looser as shi gains damage, giving folks the ability to grab them and fling hir around.
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It's over.  Poor boy Jack Thompson has did the worst mistake he could do... and sued Microsoft and Best Buy over Halo 3.  He's just going to be eaten alive by Microsoft's land-sharks... er... lawyers.

Time to make the popcorn.  Leslie, you're bringing the beer, right?  Charm and Sixpaws are bringing the chips and dip?

[EDIT:] I just noticed one thing about the complaint JT filed:  He says the release date is October 25th.  Halo 3's release is tomorrow



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