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Some CG geekery, if you will.

[ profile] kisai has been knocking around the idea of making AutoGenesis threaded (aka work on more than one file at a time).  While intresting, it has it's own problems similar to that of using "make" in Unix -- dependencies.

If you wrote your own Keen autoupdate engine clone (clone, not PHP gobleygook), you'll probably think "Okay, I have X comics that update for a certian date, which in essence is now.  I may have more for later dates... I need to scan for the right comics and update the daily HTML files... but what about those advance comics?  It would be better to keep them out of the eye of the webserver... staging area... what about a calendar?  That needs to be autoupdated... and the navigation buttons... geesh, all this just to be like Keenspot?"

The daily archives are depenent on not only the template, but the strips they showcase.  The main page is dependent on the latest comic to show for that date.  And that's before anything gets inserted like it was a server side include -- and if that wasn't updated before, you'll have to update twice.  A bug of AutoKeen.

WolfKeen "fixes" it partially by making the ***include*** tag act like C's #include -- it will pre-pharse the file and include it first before processing all other tags.  Still, I'm not confident that it's multi-file safe.

I'm confident it's multi-account safe, though!

  • Make sure keencc closes any SQL connection before it does any lengthy non-SQL work, and then re-opens it again.
  • Write the pack launcher.  It just needs to query the dispatch table, close the SQL DB, fire off updates X at a time (use Parallel::Fork), open the DB back up, and knock off the requests (as well as update the service table).
  • Wonder why my laptop's keyboard isn't quite responsive now.
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I usually don't blog about stuff inside Comic Genesis, but then... well, a bit of work philosophy.

Read on to hear me blather. )


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