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In the middle of the night, on the road, a horse calls back to the back of the bus.

"LIGHTS!" the horse yells. "GET UP!"

"whaaaaa...." a voice moans... "Hauler? What is it..."

"I'm almost out of time for driving."

"Oh... yeah... Okay, pull over somewhere, and let me get a cup of coffee in me..."

"We're out, but there's a 24-hour McDonalds ahead. I think I got enough time to get there."

"Yeah, just don't speed while I'm getting out of the bunk. I gotta get dressed..."


A cabbit woke up to the door of the bus closing....and the smell of coffee and some food. Shi got up out of hir bunk, and carefully moved over to the front of the bus.

"Wha..." shi said, noticing Hauler on the couch and Lights up and dressed, about to take the seat.

Lights noticed hir and said, "Killer, you want to know before coffee or after?"

"What time is it..."

"5am. We're near the venue but I have to take over. Hauler here ran out of FTA time."

"Oh, okay. Coffee first. Then... um..."

"I paid for breakfast."

"Give Jade the receipt when she wakes up."

"All right. Get dressed, I'll get Bessie the rest of the way."

"Okay." Killer went back, pulling hir drawer open, before turning again and saying "Lights?"

"Yes Killer?"


"Your welcome, hon."

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