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This was forseen and repeated before. We know the pattern by now, but this time it's deeper than that.

As you can guess, Rocky Mountain Fur Con cancelled it's 2017 event. The reason? History, documented history, has come back to bite them.

I could rehash everything, but there's an excellent, well researched article up on Dogpatch Press: RMFC backs neo-nazis, sex offender to intimidate critic for reporting threat. The title could be called sensationalist... but read into it. It steps you through the fact-finding through public government sources.

The furry community is tolerant of the weird and eccentric. But the hateful, fascist, anti-inclusionist? The line is drawn there.

And what do you do when your management and security goes beyond that line? And actually includes the staff there, thinking it knows better? And it gets called out because of it?

I bet the hotel got antsy, and required more security plus a ban on the "Furry Raiders." The problem is, they're part of RMFC... so they cancelled the con.

Didn't we see this before? Yes, with Rainfurrest. That one was a solid mismanagement from RAiN, the organizing group. RAiN ended up killing Rainfurrest after a protracted battle with public perception.

RFMC goes even deeper, in which it goes all the way to it's organizer Midwest Anthropomorphic Arts Corp (MAAC). At least they shut down early... but this time, they may still be in hot water as one party to this story has lawyered up...

Edit 9:31pm EDT: Turns out they were behind on their filing of taxes, and an accountant spotted the error. It jived with how MAAC was being operated. Flayrah has coverage on this angle.


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