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We got some notices from Rainfurrest on their site that after a hotel-canceling incident (involving a rather public showing by a babyfur) the convention is likely moving to Spokane, WA -- the incident and the reaction left a bad taste in Seattle's mouth.  There goes going to Seattle and tromp around Peganthyrus' stomping grounds.

But I have two questions, one I can easily answer.

The first is, will Rainfurrest adopt the Anthrocon standard for dealing with incidents like this?  The standard in short is, if someone causes an incident, they are immediately banned from the convention for life, and removed from the hotel.  No ifs, ands, or buts.  You're gone forever.  There is no word on if Rainfurrest will adopt that.

The second question is, how would a trip out there be?

That thankfully can be answered.  Lets assume that negotions take place and we finalize on the Spokane Convention Center.  Southwest flies out there, but not direct from Baltimore -- there will be one stop (Chicago most likely). But there, taking transit, you will need to take the #60 bus out to The Plaza and transfer to the #25.  From there, get off at the Division @ Spokane Falls Blvd. Cross Division, cross Browne, then cross Spokane Falls.  The hotel's a Courtyard by Hilton.  In short, not quite easy, but do-able.

Spokane could use some light rail transit, though...
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