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So you know about the three shootings that happened just recently (two yesterday, one about a week back).  The NY Daily News sums up the nation's frustration: What the GOP is doing isn't working (which is, from looking all the way back at history, is praying that it just goes away).

Let's actually fix this.  But we can't have a simple solution.  The problem is really multiple problems that are complex:

  • Current federal regulation doesn't cover all weapons... and it's hamstrung because all background checks are to be done manually via checking paper, not computerized.

  • State regulation doesn't help ether as while they cover more, getting a gun permit is a harry mess.  For example, Maryland has you fill out a form and wait a week.  The form can be filled out by you or by the gun shop.  It then has to be sent to the police who tap it in and do a background check... which you see above, takes too long.

  • An untrained idiot can get a gun, as well as someone with undiagnozed mental health issues.

So?  Here's my comprehensive solution.

  1. Scrap the entire mess and start over.  Just yank it out.  It's not working, and no patching is going to fix this mess.

  2. Digitize all criminal, mental health, gun permit, sales, and ownership records. This will speed background checks and investigations.

  3. Classify all weapons. This includes anything that can be converted into military-grade hardware. This will allow you to properly set limits on ownership.

  4. Require weapon registration. When it's sold, there's a digital paper trail.

  5. Starting at a set date, require gun buyers to have gun operation training. Yes, you want to shoot a gun? You're going to bootcamp, get trained by the NRA, get certified, and THEN you can get your permit.  This proves you can be responsible.  Plus, if you got issues, this is the first line to get them detected and treated.  This means the NRA actually has to put money in to certify trainers! Who said they're not going to get involved? I'm going to drag them into this mess.  Existing owners can just test out, but this test must be done in person!

  6. Also at the set date, require gun shops to require a reason for the purchase, and to immedately background check. You got your certifications and permits?  Because everything from the federal down to state is in one central database, the gun shop can do the background check.  So make them.  The reason for the purchase is also put in, as well as your intended purchase.  If your check "bounces" (red flags), you're SOL and your problem has to be litigated.  If your check is conditional (yellow flaged), then you will be told what to do to get it green flagged.  A court order presented to the gun shop can be one way to clear a yellow flag.

  7. At set intervals from purchase, require certified gun clubs to hold "clean and test" certifications. This allows gun owners to reprove their responsiblity by cleaning and test firing their weapons.  Plus, if someone's mental stability is in question, it can be reported and investigated.

  8. Regularly revisit and reset purchase limits. The ATF can take on this role.  The goal is never to "fire and forget," because new weapons happen all the time.

  9. Arrested?  Suspended.  Convicted? Revoked and weapons seised. Still convicted? Melted. If you're arrested, your certifications get suspended (red flagged). If you're convicted, the red flag sticks until you serve your sentence and you retrain, or if you appeal and succeed (which then goes yellow for a set time).  All weapons that you have bought are seized. If you are still convicted after a year (or you run out of appeals), your weapons are melted down.

As you can see, I'm not for more regulation.  I'm for different regulation, because what we got ain't working!
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