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  1. Do not do a remake of an existing film. You're going to fail at making it "better than the origional" and the film is going to suck.  It's going to be compared to the original, and if that one is "one of the greats," then the remakes are automatically going to be crap. (see: Total Recall, most any superhero movies)

  2. Similarly, don't reboot the entire series repeatedly. They are hit-and-miss these days (see: Hulk, Spiderman, Batman, Superman, most any superhero series).

  3. If you're doing an adaptation, stick close to the original. If it's a book, don't change the script without good reason.  If it's a cartoon, FFS don't make it live action! If it's a comic book series, STOP REBOOTING IT LIKE THEY DO IN PRINT!

  4. CG effects should never scream "I'M COMPUTER GENERATED!" Instead it should be quietly whispering "uncanny valley."

  5. Infact, never CG a scene when conventional techniques are cheaper and get the better shot. This includes using live trained bats and well-fed wildlife. The green screen isn't your friend.

  6. However, don't go supercheap. You'll end up with The Blair Witch Project or even worse, Manos: Hands of Fate.  Yeah, iPhones and GoPros can do a decent job, but that's not Oscar level material!

  7. Never force a movie into one style when it can be done better in another. Scooby Doo sucked as a live-action/CGI film.  Mighty Morphing Power Rangers would of been better tolerated if it didn't pull a Godzilla every 20 minutes and instead have been animated.

  8. If you're doing a sequel to a movie that's fairly stand-alone, it's going to suck. Such sequels never work out well.

  9. If a movie has a tie-in to a sequel to be released later, it better be in a three-movie series. After three, you're done, wait five years and do a second three-movie series.  Otherwise you get audience burn-out and your movie will suck.

  10. "If it's horrible, it's bound to be a hit" only applies to cult classics.  Snakes on a Plane became an instant cult classic, but cult classics don't get any Oscar nominations. Manos: Hands of Fate is most likely banned from the Oscars for just being cookie-tossing bad.

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