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25 years ago, on this day, the Berlin Wall started to come down.

At that time, everyone was getting tired of the Cold War between Soviet Russia and Everyone Else. Changes happened... and when a then-split East Germany said it's citizens will be permitted to freely travel to West Germany and back... the high wall that was built seperating East Berlin and West Berlin was chipped away starting today, eventually to be broken down.  Famillies split by the clash of Soviet style communism with other political ideas reunited. for more details.

I was 12 at the time, and I remember news reports of people hammering away at the wall.  At one time a full section fell, and people scrambled on top of it and through the other side.

Only in college, when I worked for a struggling start-up, did I see a section of the wall in Rosslyn, VA. The Newseum was near by at the time, in Freedom Park, and there was an outside exhibit of the wall.  Within a year The Newseum closed and moved across the river, with the wall, to near the Canadian Embassy in DC proper.  You can get to it via Metrorail to Archives station.

I wonder what some of the Eurofurs' memories are, especially Nightfox, Tani Da Real, Cheetah.DE, and Big Blue Fox.
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Sadly, I was 9 at the time, and I didn't much understand it at all. Of course, the Loma Prieta Earthquake happened about 3 weeks earlier. I don't think my brain started processing world(non-local) events till a little later.

I do, however, remember the Iraq missle strikes.


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