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I wanted to wait for as many facts to come in... and it looks like it's plateaued.  As you know, there's been a shooting in a Newton, CT elementary school.  27 dead, including the shooter.  The news went global -- so much that Cheetah.DE complained of the coverage being broadcast in a place where there's not going to be much help from; in other words, why show it in Germany?

But that's not my point.  Or three points, to be precise.

First, I must concentrate on the suspect, Adam Lanza.  There are some indications that he wasn't mentally stable, especially during high school.  I'm very tempted into looking through the interactions between the parents and Adam.  There are reasons to believe there is a person or persons that have caused Adam to pop and effect this tragedy.

Second, the access.  Nancy Lanza, Adam's mother, was a gun enthusiast.  It is unknown whether or not the guns were locked up or not, or how easy there were to access them... but access them he did.  If the guns were supposed to be locked up in a safe, but were not, or the safe was easily accessed, then there is reason to believe that Nancy's negligence provided the access.  Note, she did have the money to buy a safe -- a $240,000 annual alimony payment from Adam's father. 

Third, is the weapons and training.  This is the big one, and those of you who are "2nd Amendment is absolute" anti-gun-control nuts, it's time for you to go rabidly crazy.

The weapons used was two 9mm handguns (a Glock and a SIG Sauer), and a .223 Bushmaster rifle.  The rifle is the civilian version of the M16, part of Bushmaster's AR15 line as the M4 Type Carbine.

You already know about the access, but there's questions about general weapon availability of the .223 rifle.  The biggest question for me is: Why is a minimally modified M16 being sold to civilians?!? It's too powerful! Where's the damn regulations on this?  While I do not think the weapon should be totally banned (again), I really do think that it's sale must be restricted to military and licensed security firms.

Which gets into my last question:  Where is the paperwork? There is no word if Nancy was licensed to have the weapons, and if the license requires training in handling and storing the weapons.  Usually those licenses do not require it, and the NRA hasn't been pushing for such.  Mainly the NRA has been a political lobbyist group who makes themselves out to be a bit more.  Thus:  Require all gun owners to go through a NRA/Federal approved gun operation and safety course, and submit to a background and mental check, before getting the license.  After getting the license, allow the person to get his first weapon after a quick Internet-based record check.  Additional guns must be applied for with a suitable long waiting period.
In other words, PAPERS PLEASE?!?!?

Date: 2012-12-16 03:52 pm (UTC)
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I would absolutely have to agree with you here. I suppose more details will be forthcoming, but it's highly probable that this tragedy could have been avoided if proper precautions had been taken.

I don't own any guns yet, but I intend on getting a rifle in the near future (living on a farm, it's sort of a necessity.) I have already purchased a gun-safe and trigger-locks in anticipation. The main reason I haven't bought the rifle yet is that I want to take the actual hands-on firearms course as opposed to the "home study-guide" version. Not just myself either, I want the whole family to take that course the next time it's offered.

Date: 2012-12-17 09:30 pm (UTC)
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My understanding from reports is that she had all her paperwork and licenses (if required). She was very meticulous about having the paperwork.

I think the idea of a federally mandated training course (yearly or every two years) is a good idea. Its what Switzerland requires of their citizens to have done since pretty much the entire country's populace owns a gun (they keep the gun they were given during the mandatory 2 year military service). Also, if you are on psychotropic drugs, then that should disqualify you from owning a gun, and any known history of mental problems as well.
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Date: 2013-02-05 04:25 am (UTC)
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I was going to post something amusing (to me) but became too overcome with ennui to make the effort. Ah, well, let's see now ... (takes a deep breath) ...

"Why is a minimally modified M16 being sold to civilians?!? "

Why the hell not?!?


Anyhow, what I really would like to know is what's up (or down) with Stalag 99? I imagine it's pretty much dead by now but the curiosity remains.


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