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To me, the best furry con is one that can be accessed cheaply and easily once out of the airport (or train station, if you're using Amtrak).  So, being a transit fur, I thought I'd put together a bit of a ratings system.

Of course, this is all subjective, and some of it is based on my own experience.  Most folk will have no problem walking two-three blocks to a station or stop.  So this is essentially how easy it is to get to the con from the airport or train station (or hub). I rank rail over bus, and the less transfers between different systems the better.

Anthrocon:  GREAT BUT IN DANGER The #28x bus runs from the airport to within 3 blocks of AC's main hotel, but if Pennsylvania doesn't get off it's pole and fix it's transit funding, it's more than likely going to get cut next year.
Further Confusion: GREAT There's a free shuttle bus to the light rail, but the light rail stops right in front of the convention center!
Eurofurance:  EXCELLENT Commuter rail to hotel.
Confuzzled: NONE Be glad they got a private shuttle to the local train.  No public transit to the con.
FA: United:  NONE FUGGETABOUTIT.  Seriously. There is literally ZERO transit to FA:U.
Furry Connection North: HARD Two buses to connect plus a 1.9 mile trek and multiple services that don't provide service. No wonders why Detroit is basically dead.
Furry Weekend Atlanta: GREAT three blocks from subway to con hotel.
Texas Furry Fiesta: OK TO MEH Depending on airport, it's DFW > bus > Commuter rail > Light Rail > bus or Love field > LR > bus
Califur: GREAT Take the iShuttle.  You could walk it, but it's safer this way.
*Condition (Canada): DIFFICULT Three-four buses from airport to hotel.
FurFright: DIFFICULT Also 3-4 buses... if I can figure out which transit company will get there reliably
*Furnal Equinox: GREAT #58 bus to the hotel from the airport.
IndyFurCon: OK  Two buses, one from airport to downtown, one from downtown to hotel, and a tricky transfer.
Megaplex: MEH Three buses with transfers at malls.  Can kill that damn blimp before I shoot it down?!?
MephitFurMeet: NONE Hell, this isn't even in Mephis!
*MiDFur (Melborne, Austraila): OK  A bus, a commuter train, and a light rail/tram. Now only if it was linked to the site properly!
Morphicon: NONE Service does not extend down US 23 from the county.
RainFurrest: INSANE!!! LR right there, but so's SeaTac!
Rocky Mountain Fur Con: OK Two buses, and a transit system that deserves a whack against the head for not having a full PDF of their system map.
*VancouFur (Vancouver Canada): OK Two transfers on a light rail system gets you two blocks to the hotel.
Midwest FurFest: GREAT TO OK Depending on the airport you go to, or if you take Amtrak, you ether take one train out or transfer to one.  Ether way, it's all rail.

Why isn't my con here? Well, one of two reasons.  Ether I can't pull up the con's website (hint Rocket City Fur Meet and Antheria) or you haven't suggested it yet!

Date: 2012-04-17 01:10 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
With AC you forgot that the Amtrak station is right across the street from the Westin. :=3

Date: 2012-04-17 01:18 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Very true.


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