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Okay, I gotta say it.  I just cannot hold these things back...

Whitney Houston's death:
Latest reports and rumors have the singer possibly being knocked out by a combination of prescription drugs, alcohol, stress, and the unfortunate location. Coroner report will be out in 8-10 weeks, per standard procedure.  [USA Today]

Outside of government offices and in other words, Elvis Death Syndrome.  Drugs (in the generic sense), alcohol, stress, and unfortunate location (Elvis on the toilet, Whitney in the bathtub). 

A side kicker on TMZ is that her daughter nearly succumbed to the same fate, in the same hotel (unknown if it was the same room or not).

Greece: Greece is burning tonight.  I already consider it failed, going to the downfall.  It's already over it's head in debt and it just needs to default... but I'm hearing if it defaults slowly, it'll recover much quickly.

Iran, Syria, Egypt:  These will fall bloodily. Egypt has a way out, but it must do it at the people's behest and not by the military.  I do not see that way for Iran and Syria, both with "leaders" who are too egotistical (and for Iran, that's both "leaders," spiritual and governmental).

Republican party presidential candidates: To be very generic, they got massive image problems.  Romney's basically the 1% -- his tax rate is the same as mine (15%), yet makes 20x as much as me, plus endorsed by Donald Trump himself. Just the endorsement says he's unelectable. Gingrich hasn't really shown true presidential material after being out of Congress for how many years now? Santorum has massive race/religion/ethics issues that will make him smack up against the Constitution every step he takes. The only candidate that is electable is Ron Paul, and nobody in the caucuses are voting for him! 

Of course, I look at the whole race, including the older runners who were knocked out (yes, even Bachmann), and immediately think: Gee, they look constipated.  They must not have good health care.

Date: 2012-02-17 02:21 am (UTC)
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The entire Republican Party is unelectable. The GOP is eliminating its own caucus votes.


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