May. 29th, 2017

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So after a year and change with owning a Keureg machine (ether OEM or a Mr. Coffee licensed machine) I have a few good thoughts about it. Namely...
  • The difference in savings between using a Keureg vs just brewing your own with a regular drip brewer is dependent on how much coffee you and others drink, and what blends you and others drink.  If it's just you and you drink massive amounts, the regular drip is best.  But if you're in a household that doesn't drink a lot of coffee, and some even drink tea... the Keureg may be better off.
  • That said, a larger (but still small) Keureg that can take the K-Mug cups is worth while.
  • A small version (like the Mr. Coffee built one I have) that heats the water and brews on demand, or gives you hot water, would be perfect for hotels.  I can actually see a smaller than Mr. Coffee version with a two-digit LCD display.  You pour in what you want (up to 16 oz), put in your K-cup (or a dummy cup for hot water), tell hit how much with the up-and-down buttons, and hit brew. LCD display will animate to indicate heating (raising up lines), brewing (going around in a circle), and done ("OK").  
Needless to say, the Keureg's are here to stay.


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