May. 8th, 2016

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Recently, I've been interested enough to fill in some more details of the Canmephian universe, especially what happens on Canmeph 3.  While we've looked at the judicial system, what happens to criminals?

They go into the criminal correction system, which is an extremely regulated system.  It is one of the few that have this level of regulation due to constant abuse.

When a criminal is convicted for a single crime for the first time, the general assumption (unless ordered by the courts) is "Okay, you've made a mistake somewhere.  Lets have you fix that."  Any other time, ether a second or more offense, a massive crime spree, etc, the assumption goes to "What the !)@*#( is wrong with you in your brain?!?"

Ether way, you're going into solitary, which is a circular cell up-ended and gravity controlled so that you have to have rope and tools to get out.  You have one bed, one toilet, one chair, one desk with an embedded terminal in it, and a food elevator.  Your only interaction with anybody is with an A.I., who knows about your case.

The A.I. will by default let you access a book library, some basic office applications, and will tutor you in various courses in case you do not have a high-school diploma (and thus update your education records to boot).  If you behave yourself, you can have limited communications.

The A.I. is also a bit of a psychologist, medic and lawyer.  It can monitor and diagnose your health and mental status, call for full medical attention, and debate anything.  If you somehow prove to it that you were wrongly convicted, it can call for a reinvestigation by the SputWolfSkunks.

The latter is important because there are times where the A.I. has questioned why a person was in jail in the first place.  The A.I. knows how to tease information out of a person, and can find details (or lack there of), which could have been missed by the judicial system or investigators.

For instance:

  • A case like Ahmed Sayed would of had not only been appealed (numerous bits of data missing) but also had the judge, police, prosecutor, and a witness run through a few hearings themselves.


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